Software Development Outsourcing Services

Our approach is a gentle blend of expert developers, passion for IT, and client-centric attitude

In lines with your business requirements, we are here to help you develop an exceptional software product within your budget and time. With over 8 years in the industry, we do have the necessary expertise to take you through every stage of your software development project, from the creation of a concept to a fully serviceable solution.

We help our clients reduce the needed time, risk and expenses on recruitment by supporting their IT projects at each stage with the assistance of individual dedicated specialists or the entire team.

Loyal team

The Pharsocode team is a group of skilled professionals, able to provide a world-class level of service regardless of challenges and time limits.

  • 8 years of experience
    and professional connections
  • Highly qualified
  • Reduced cost
    and time spend
  • Dedicated CTV / OTT
    application developers

Why us

Daily communication

We ensure a consistent communication process as well as 24/7 support.

Process transparency

We guarantee full transparency of the work process by showing each member’s contribution to a project.

Cooperation models

Here, at Pharoscode, we work according to on-site and remote work models.

Unique expertise

We apply the best of technology and present-day solutions to develop innovative products that are going to shape the future.

We specialize in









CTV / OTT apps

More services

Planning your own application for CTV and OTT devices? We’ll get you covered!

Cord-cutting is a real thing these days, and connected TV is gaining more and more momentum. It is driving worldwide audiences to new video content mediums — connected TV and over-the-top video streaming services. With your own custom-made application for video streaming devices, you can build your own brand while additionally monetizing it with a wide range of video ad formats. Leave the development, customization, full-time maintenance, and support to us and enjoy your exclusive app on a rapidly growing video content medium that is taking over the world right now as we speak!

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Why Our CTV / OTT Apps Rock?
  • Optimized for all leading platforms:

  • Highly engaging content

  • Massive receptive audiences

  • In-store APPs marketing

Technological Output

  • Frameworks

    Quartz, Hibernate, OSGi, Datanucleus, Spring Integration, JBoss Seam, Spring Batch

  • Web Frameworks

    Bootstrap, Django, AngularJS, Symfony, Spring WebFlow, Rspec, Express, Zend, Ruby on Rails

  • Mobile

    Android Designer, Android SDK, Appium, Bitrise, MonkeyRunner, Robotium, React Native

  • Business Intelligence

    Datamining, DHIS2, Datawarehouse, Jasper, Tableau, BIRT, ETL, Pentaho

  • Languages

    JavaScript, Java/JEE, PHP, C#, Python, CoffeeScript, Objective-C, Ruby, Swift

  • Network Architecture


  • Web Technologies

    Bluebird, Chart.js, ASP.NET, React, Node.js, Backbone.js, RichFaces, Docker, (S)CSS, WSDL, AJAX, LESS, SOAP,Knockout.js, Leaflet, XHTML, Redis, JSP, JSF, Redux, Dokku, J2EE, jQuery, Vagrant, XML

  • Web Servers

    Apache HTTP, Nginx

Time-Proven Tools

  • Project Methodology


  • Continuous Integration

    Hudson, Jenkins, Bitten, CircleCI, Werker, TeamCity, Travis

  • UX/UI

    Axure, Mockingbird, Balsamiq, Mockflow

  • Performance Testing

    jMeter, JProfiler

  • Quality Assurance

    FindBugs, AndroidLint, jUnit, PMD, TestNG, Cucumber, Gerrit, Checkstyle, Selenium, WebDriver, Mockito, Assembla, JIRA, Trac, Bugzilla

  • Dependency Management

    Maven, Ivy

  • Sharing Wiki Knowledge

    Assembla Wiki, Confluence, Trac

  • IDE

    Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Xcode, Android Studio, PHPStorm

  • Teamwork Code Supervision

    Git, Subversion, Mercurial

  • Documents

    UmlDoc, JavaDoc

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